American Express – Help With My Card (FAQ)

Welcome to the world of a more comfortable, faster, and secure way of payments online and win exciting offers on Dining, Shopping, and many more! American Express offers its beloved costumers Credit cards, Charge Cards, Travel, Corporate banking and Insurance Products, and many more exciting cards with rewards! We have also discussed American Express Faq.

American Express is also known as Amex, Designed to enhance the lifestyle of people. Amex is the American Multi-National FINANCIAL Services serving across the globe. American Express found in the year 1850 by William Fargo, Henry Wells, John Warren Butterfield in New York, U.S. American Express is the company blessed with happy customers last 169 years!American Express Faq

So get your Card and Unlock the exciting rewards with many beneficial features like Refer and Earn, Quick Payments, Special travel privileges, and many more!

American Express Cards and Rewards:

American Express Faq

American Express Cards are proving to be one of the best cards with amazing rewards you go anywhere in the world. Tickets are straightforward to use and have unimaginable benefits! Let’s see the details of each Card offered by Amex to get the required one.

Personal Premium Cards: Personal Premium Cards are the one which helps enhance the lifestyle of consumers. You can make travel arrangements and book dining with a card sitting at your place! Yes, this is possible with the American Express Premium and Charge Cards. These cards give you special travel offers, quick rewards, and fantastic services. Premium and Charge cards provide you with access to the Platinum Concierge services you get the exclusive deals from hotels and partners in over 130 countries and complimentary access to premium airport lounges in 130 countries sitting home! It is something truly unimaginable. All you need to do is pick up your phone Login and book with great offers in just a few minutes.

Premium Cards:

American Express Platinum Card: This Card offers Welcome Gift of 1,00,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points, Or you can get Stay Vouchers Worth INR 45,000 + Additional stay vouchers worth INR 7,000 from Taj, and Vivanta Hotels

Annual Fee: Rs. 60,000 plus taxes

American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card: You get a Welcome surprise Gift of 11,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points

Annual first Year Fee: 5,000 plus taxes

Rewards Credit Cards: Is it possible to get rewards to buy or using services of our day to day needs? Yes, it is possible with American Express Rewards Credit Cards from cash backs to shopping items from any of the stores. It is effortless for American Express holders to get points and redeem them online. Rewards Credit cards come with memberships perks to get great discounts on any restaurants.

Rewards Credit Cards:

  • American Express Membership Rewards Credit  Card: It comes with a great deal of  Welcome gift of 4,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points
  • Annual Fees for the First Year: 1,000 plus applicable taxes
  • American Express Gold Card: Comes with Welcome Gift of 4,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points
  • First Year Fee: Rs 1,000 plus applicable taxes

American Express SmartEarn Credit Card: With Rs.500 Cashback as Welcome gift on eligible spends of Rs. 10,000 within the first 90 days

Annual Fee: For the first year: Rs 495 plus taxes

Travel Rewards Cards: Are you a travel lover and wish to explore new places but are unable to because of expenses. Don’t worry, Travel Rewards Cards by American Express makes it easy with offers and privileges. This Card brings you travel offers on international and domestic journies. The journey is a reward itself with this Card. You will get access to various astonishing offers like priority boarding, free checked bags, and many more. You can redeem points by shopping goods, spa vouchers, discounts in restaurants and hotels, and a list go on.

Travel Rewards Credit Card:

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card: This card gives you a welcome Gift of 5000 Milestone Bonus as Membership Rewards points to redeem during your next travel worth Rs. 4,000

Fees: Rs 3,500 plus taxes

American Express Corporate Cards: You can begin with using the Corporate Card program for your company and enjoy various rewards, services like never before. This Card is specially designed to manage and control your business travel, entertainment, and daily expenses like telecom, office, electricity, and many more! It’s genuinely beneficial to manage your business finances.

American Express Platinum Corporate Card: This is an extraordinary card with extraordinary benefits to taking your business to the next level


  • Platinum Travel
  • Platinum Rewards
  • Platinum Privileges
  • Platinum Care

The Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card: Control your travel expenses and save lots of money on each business travel with this Card.


  • Profit from lounge privilegesProfit from air travel
  • Profit by directly managing expenses
  • Profit from support and services
  • Benefits from air travel

American Express Corporate Meeting Card: Control your meetings expenses and gain rewards!

With the help of this Card, You can manage meetings and various events like:

  • Association and conference management
  • Sales and incentive trips and meetings
  • Training seminars, Anniversaries, Gatherings and parties, Reunions and receptions

American Express Corporate Card: Get the rewards and manage your events through the Corporate Cards save while on a dull day to day activities like couriers and phone bills through this Card.


  • Protection and control
  • Manage online in few touches
  • Benefit your employees
  • Business savings

Apart from various cards which are incredibly beneficial, you can do different activities like fast and secure online payments, offers of travel, shopping and dining, and helpful feature like refer and earn. You can pay your bills, book movie tickets with rewards with these cards!


American Express Faq
  • Do I get Reward points on all charges on the Card?

   You get 1 point Rps 40 on our spend with your Platinum Card, Platinum Travelcard, Platinum Reserve Credit Card, and Platinum corporate Card. On other you get one score on 50 Rs to spend but not on telecom, insurance, fuel, and other utility services for these spends you get one point on every 100 Rs you spend.American Express Faq

  • How to track my points?  

You can check the complete status of your points gained and used on your Monthly Card Statement, or you can also log on to rewards and track them

  • How much time does it take to get a Rewards Certificate?

 You will receive your Rewards Certificate in 7 working days from the day you submit your request online.

  • How long are Rewards Certificate Valid?

Your Rewards Certificate is valid for three months for the date of the issue. The date of expiry is mentioned on the front of the certificate.American Express Faq

  • Does my Membership Rewards Points Expire?

  If you are in Frequent Traveller Option, your rewards do not expire, and you can use it for years. But if you are into Non-Frequent Traveller Option, your Rewards Points expire two years after 12 months.