American Express Rewards – The Best cards to avail rewards

Imagine you go to a restaurant quite often and spent more than $300 a month. One day you went with your friends to the same restaurant and gave them a treat as you got a promotion that was due for a long time. You were exuberant and ordered a lot of food, drinks without overthinking about the bill. Once the party was finished and most of your companions had left, the waiter came with the bill. You were dumbstruck, looking at the amount. You didn’t expect that amount, and you were baffled.American Express Rewards

You desperately started looking at your wallet and cards but not sure if that was enough to pay the bill. You were clueless, repenting, and thinking about how happy you were a few minutes ago. You were thinking of borrowing some money from a close friend; however, you were feeling embarrassed. Just then, the manager came and told you that you had been a loyal customer and you had earned a lot of rewards as you spent a significant amount every month. He informed you that after deducting the amount you received from the rewards, you had to pay only about $200. You were delighted to hear that and paid the amount happily.

American Express Rewards

Imagine if your credit card gives you that benefit; you earned on the money you spend through your card. Won’t it be a great thing? I am sure you are going to love it.

Aiming to give our customers more benefits, American Express is offering Amex membership rewards for their customers. You can earn rewards by using your Amex card. The amount of rewards goes higher as you spend more. Moreover, if you take membership and then use your card, not only you earn rewards on your card, you can also earn American Express Rewards at the stores as well though the amount varies from store to store.

For example, if you spend on high profile places like Hilton Honors, your reward value goes higher; on the other hand, if you shop at a Yeti Store, you less reward. That is how the membership works.

Which cards are eligible for membership?

All the Amex cards are not eligible for membership reward, so we have listed the cards which are eligible for this membership.

American Express Rewards
  • American Express Gold Card: You can earn rewards by spending through Amex Gold Card. You can pay at restaurants, supermarts, airline tickets from any airline or, etc.
  • American Express Business Gold Card: You can spend at restaurants, gas stations, airline tickets directly from the airline, for advertising on radio and TV, shopping at supermarts, on purchasing electronics like computers, mobile phones, etc.
  • American Express Platinum Card: This card is developed for the people who travel a lot. You can earn more rewards than other cards on booking airline tickets directly from airline or booking hotels, air tickets through Moreover, this card comes with a lot of other benefits. The following are the exclusive benefits of this card.
  • Airfare Credit up to $200:  You can receive credit up to ؚ$200 on airfare in the Amex Platinum card. The credit limit is updated every year, depending on your spending. You need to keep in mind that you need to purchase tickets directly from the airline only.
  • 5 Times More Rewards on Spending at Airline Tickets and Restaurants: Amex Platinum card is offering 5x more rewards on hotel booking and booking tickets.
  • Uber Credit up to $200:  You can get credit up to ؚ$200 to book cabs on Uber. This amount is updated every year as all.
  • Entry at American Express Hotels, Resorts, and Centurion Lounge: The platinum cardholders have the privilege to access American Express hotels, resorts, and centurion lounge easily. It is an excellent advantage as it is not easy to get an entry at these places. You can enjoy spending time at these luxurious places and enjoy a whole range of delicious cuisines.
  • Free Wi-Fi at airports and on the flights: Amex platinum cardholders have free and unlimited access to Wi-Fi at the airports and during the trip as well. It is a great advantage to have as accessing the Internet in flight can cost you dearly at times.

How to redeem the Reward Points?

You can use the reward points to go shopping, buying an air ticket, book a hotel, pay a restaurant bill just like you use your card.

Final Words: American Express Reward Membership is a great advantage to have. Now you can earn on your spending. If you are holding any of the cards mentioned above, then you are eligible to get rewards on every transaction. Make sure you make as many transactions as possible to get the maximum benefits.